Monday, September 22, 2008


My little brother Graydon just got engaged last night. Over the summer, we got to spend some time with him and Jenni and we think Smith has a accrued a slight or rather ginormous crush on Jenni. At first he pretended that he couldn't remember her name. Fifty times a day he would ask me, "Mom, what is her name again?" Then he just couldn't stop saying her name. So fifty times a day he would sing, scream, and whisper, "Jenni." While Gray and Jenni were 'watching' a movie one night, Smith went over and snuggled in next to her. Soon, Smith had shimmied his hand into hers and sat holding hands with Gray's Jenni. The following Sunday at church, Smith of course had to sit next to Jenni. I leaned over to see how he was doing and found him sitting, hand in hers, with an enormous grin on his face. Smooth move buddy! Smith is ecstatic about the wedding news since that means Jenni will be around for a long time and I am afraid to say that this means that Merrill may be close to losing out on the favorite aunt status. So sorry Merrill. And Jenni, congratulations and thanks for humoring our Smith.

Star Wars Birthday

Smith had a fun impromptu birthday party with his buddies. We went (finally) to his favorite place, Chuck-E-Cheese, and then back to our house for cake and presents. He/We have been so lucky to have such great friends in Colorado!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Socially Unacceptable, but FINALLY 5!

Smith turned the big "5" yesterday and so far he has loved every minute of it. He came running in to my room in the morning gave me a huge hug and then stood back, grinning from ear to ear, standing really tall so that I could examine him and see that he had indeed grown since he had just turned 5. He had a fun day and had a lot of birthday calls from friends and family. His Uncle Graydon called last night too, and apparently, Smith was thrilled....

Smith: "Gray, when are we going to be done talking."
Gray: "Well, it's your birthday, so anytime you want."
Smith: "I want to be done right now."
Gray: Uncontrollable laughing.
Smith: Hangs up.

Hope he's not too old to learn some manners, sheesh.

Monday, September 8, 2008

First day of Pre-school

Smith's other half, Dane

spreading the smitty word