Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nothing But Net

I found Smith on the toilet this afternoon.

"Mom. I pooped. But it didn't touch my underwear or my shorts. It just went straight through to the floor and look...(pointing right to where my barefoot stood on the bathroom floor) No marks on the floor either. Sweet. Huh."

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Smithen Hawking

Last night, Smith came with me to pick up Megan the babysitter. I asked Megan what she had done that day, and she said that she went on a bike ride through the golf course. Smith piped up from the back seat, "My dad was at the golf course today." I had indeed been to the golf course on a run, but hadn't told Smith. I turned around and asked Smith, "How did you know that?" Smith replied, "My brain told me dad. I have a really big brain." Megan and I exchanged glances. The following exchange ensued:

Me: "Really? How big is your brain?"
Smith: "My brain is as big as space."
Me: "Wow. That's pretty big. But I think my brain is bigger."
Smith: "How big?"
Me: "My brain is as big as infinity."
Smith: "Dad, space and infinity are the same."


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Summer Fun

After a really nice and unexpected phone call, I began reminiscing about my summers in Salt Lake with the Williams boys. We always had fun summers together, chuck full of adventures. I started to tell Smith about all the things that we did. This got him equally excited about summer and the fun that it entails. So as he was dreaming of summer on this cold and rainy day, Smith came up with a list of things that he wants to do "next" summer (he informed me that it can't be this summer because right now "this" is spring). Careful, because whether you like it or not, some of you readers may be included in his list.

1. Go to the cabin
2. Demolition Dirty (Derby)-to see the cars crash and sometimes spray dirt
3. Play at Oma's house
4. Play at Chase's house
5. Go to the Denver Zoo-specifically to go on the merry-go-round (Oma and Rachel will remember the meltdown over the merry-go-round at our last zoo visit)
6. Camping if it's not too scary
7. Play all day with Little Adam and his really tall brother (Andrew)

8. Hikes if we can have a picnic
9. Swimming, lots of swimming
10. Dino museum with Chase and Oma
11. Visit the Anderson farm
12. Camp-out in the backyard
13. Ride Peppy and Capt'n Jack at Sue the horse teacher's house
14. I even want to go to Hawaii
15. Swim with Dad and Graydon at the place with the big slide by Poppie's house cause then I can go to the cool movie theater by the ice cream shop
16. Sleepover with Chase
17. Sleepover with Uncle Graydon
18. Throw rocks in the Boulder creek
He then asked what I wanted to do this summer and answered it for me...
"Mom, you want to buy stuff."

And according to Smith, I will be paying for all of our adventures this summer with all of my money. He said I make a lot of money at all of my meetings. (What?)

Monday, May 12, 2008

The never-ending pukes

Smith and Lainey have been really sick this past week. I keep thinking they're getting better, especially when Smith asked for chocolate chip pancakes, French toast, and a hard boiled egg for breakfast this morning, but then he eats and he's sick all over again or falls asleep naked in his towel after taking a bath. Smith has a good friend who lives next door and they play nearly every day. Since Smith has been sick, I've been trying to keep Smith in and away from his buddy so that he doesn't catch it. Smitty does not understand this and begs and pleads all day long to go out and play, giving me thumbs up sign, meaning that his stomach has stopped churning. I tried to explain that if he gets his friend sick, then his friend won't be able to play either. And to that, Smith had this to say:

"Well, Mom, if I'm puking and Mason is puking, then we'll both be puking and we can both play together."

How do I explain that logic to Mason's Mom?


When I came home tonight, I asked Smith if he had puked today. Smith said, "No pukes Dad. Just puke-poops."

Monday, May 5, 2008

Ice Cream Social 08

Smith's best buddy Andrew Hoag.
The annual Peter Pan Preschool Ice Cream Social was last Saturday. The class did a short performance for the parents after the silent auction. Smitty was very proud of himself...and as if we didn't know all ready...loves to be on stage. He put on quite the show. So, without further ado...

spreading the smitty word