Wednesday, July 16, 2008

You're Not Spidey....

Smith: "But Mom, I was being careful!"

Words Smith uttered as I entered his room to find the windows and screens open in the upstairs bedrooms.  He had been out climbing on the roof of the three story cabin instead of staying in his room for his time-out.   After exploring an even higher pitch of the roof, Smith got a nice scolding from his Mom and Geeps.  And thanks to Geeps, I don't think he'll try that one again.  

Smith's Recall

In Woodland, there is a canal that comes off of the Provo River with a pretty calm current and is much deeper than the river.  Graydon, Jenni ,Smith and I went to float it last Saturday.  We found a great little life jacket for Smith, some tubes and we were off.  The water was FREEZING!  We're right in the Uintahs, so it is just ice cold water.  As soon as Smitty felt the water he was immediately apprehensive and well, terrified to go down.  We got him on my lap, waved to Lainey and my parents and headed down the canal.
We didn't get very far before we had to bail, get out and walk around a low bridge.  Getting back in the water proved to more difficult than our first attempt.  The water here was much more swift and a few yards down, there was a rather large tree branch sticking half way out of the water.  Gray lost his tube, and since he was helping me with Smith, Jenni floated down to catch the tube.  She hit the branch, and continued on.  So, Smitty and I got on, and hit the same branch.  We weren't so lucky.  We flipped over backwards which sent Smith head first into the chilly water.  The problem was that I was on top of him with the tube on top of me, and because of the current, I was stuck and couldn't get him out of the water.  Graydon was only a few yards away, and saw our plight, and came to the rescue.  Safely in Gray's arms and dripping wet, Smith choked out, "This stinky life vest didn't even work!"
That was it for Smith.  We took him down a little farther to meet my parents and he high-tailed it out of there.  Jenni, Gray and I had a great time floating and shivering the rest of the way, but because of a few more trouble spots, and another tip over (Jenni), I was glad Smith had headed for dryer, warmer ground.   

Monday, July 14, 2008


Smith had a horse lesson today. During his lessons, he rides around an arena and learns to balance, do simple commands, and to get his horse, Peppy, to obey go and stop-"WHOA PEPPY!" Sue kept telling Smith to kick with his boots and "click" to get Peppy to go. Poppie and I were standing on the fence watching and saw Smith riding along on Peppy snapping his fingers like he was keeping a beat to some rhythm only known to Smith.

Sue yelled out to Smith, "Okay, Smith, kick and click." Smith gave Peppy a solid kick with his right boot and kept snapping his fingers to the mystery beat. Sue said, "Smith, I can't hear your clicks." She then realized that he was clicking with his fingers not his tongue. No wonder Peppy didn't Giddy-up at his command. Snap to it Peppy!

Protector of the Innocent

Even when we're out-of-town, in a totally different ward, Smith still does something to shock/amuse/baffle those who teach him. This story comes from our friend Sue who is the Primary president in my parents ward. She is also Smith's horse riding teacher and one of his favorite people. He absolutely loves coming to primary when she is there because she really gives him special attention (which he just eats up). Anyway, according to Sue, she was up at the front doing the sharing time activity and observed the kids making fun of one of the little Sunbeam kids. They were calling him names and telling him he had a purple face or red face. She even said one of the kids that never talks turned and told this kid that he had a black face. At this, Smith turned around from the front row to all the older kids and said, "You guys stop being mean to that kid!"

Then Smith turned to the kid sitting next to him and whispered, "But he really has a yellow face."

Friday, July 11, 2008

Are you Smith's Dad?

Sometimes, its best to answer no to this question. The last two Sundays, Smith's primary teachers have tracked us down to tell us of "Smittyisms" that occurred in church that day.

1. Two weeks ago, the kids played charades during Sharing Time. Each kid acted out something they could do to help their mom and dad. I'm sure you can imagine: one kid pretended to vacuum the floor; one kid cooked pancakes; another kid pretended to change a diaper. When it was Smith's turn, he walked up on stage, and stood completely still. He then hurried and hid behind the lectern. Then, he got on his belly and army crawled. Apparently this went on for five minutes. No one could guess what he could be doing that was supposed to be helpful to his parents. Finally, one kid yelled out, "You're a spy!" That was it. I may still have him fooled.

2. Last Sunday, a new ward member tapped my should and asked if I was Smith's dad. She told me that during class that day, she asked each kid to thank Heavenly Father for something for which they are thankful. Smith said, "Heavenly Father, I'm really thankful for the Ninja Turtle dream you gave me last night. Can I have more of those?"

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