Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Is That All?

While eating dinner at the cabin tonight:

Smith: "Mom. How come Dad decided to marry you?"

Mom: "Cause I'm the coolest?"

Smith: "No. It's because you like the color green."

Mom: (Speechless)

Smith: "And you married Dad because he likes red."

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Of Course You Do

Smith: "Hey Mom. Could you play Indy on the Wii with me?"

Mom: "Uh, No. I don't know how."

Smith: "Yes you do. You said you played when you were little."

Mom: "Smith that was Mario Bros. Wii was not around when I was little."

Later on....

Mom: "Okay, time to say prayers."

Smith: "Mom. Were prayers invented when you were little?"

Mom: "Yeah."

Smith: "Oh. Stink. I wish they were invented after I was little."

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Diarrhea of the Mouth?

It has been a long day of Smith. I LOVE the kid, but he literally has not stopped talking since he came home from school at noon. He has loads of ideas running through that little head of his and has let me know every single one. He talks while eating; going to the bathroom; playing with toys; playing a computer game; slipping down the slip and slide; sitting in time-out; riding his bike; looking at books, etc., etc., etc. He can say a prayer and hold a separate conversation ALL AT THE SAME TIME! As I'm trying to write this post he asks me, in one breath:

"Mom. Hey Mom! What speaks louder than actions? Do you know? Well, I do. Fire engines. Really loud ones. You could hear them all the way to Belgium. Hey, then Oma and Apa could hear them too! See, louder than actions. Mom. My eyes don't hurt anymore. I'm almost done with my chicken. . . ."

Sometimes this quality is quite endearing and can fill a dull day with a million fun things to do and talk about and imagine. For some reason, today is not one of those, but we'll keep our fingers crossed for tomorrow.

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