Friday, April 24, 2009

Say What?

(Smith and Mitchell)


Smith: "Mom. My friend John is half Korean, right?"

Mom: "Yep."

Smith: "Well, I'm Spanish."

Mom: "Since when? I thought you were, white?"

Smith: "Nope. I am not white. I am so Spanish."

Then today,

Smith: "Hey John. Are you Korean?"

John: "Yeah. It's the best. When food drops on the floor I can blow on it and eat it."

Smith: "Huh? Hey Mitchell, you're Spanish right?"

John: "No he's not! He's white! Duh!"

Smith: "Whatever. We're both Spanish."

Celebrity Look-alike?

Smith: "Hey Mom, when my friends come over tomorrow, we're going to play Kung Fu Panda. I'm going to be the Master (surprise, surprise), John can be Monkey, Mitchell can be the mean Tiger, and Dillon can be Crane. Oh yeah and Lainey can be Tigress. Who do you want to be?"

Mom: "I want to be the Old Turtle guy that knows everything."

Smith: "Um, Mom. How 'bout you can be Po. 'Cause he has a really big belly. Hey can you
bounce stuff off your belly too?"

Friday, April 17, 2009

Pink is for Boys Too, Right?

This shirt was Smith's pick this year, but he made sure to tell his Dad that it is okay for boys to wear pink too.

Easter Egg Hunt

Making bunny Easter bags

Smith and John

Tyler, Smith, Laine and Dillon

Since we had no idea where to go for an Easter egg hunt in our new area, Smith, our resident party animal, decided we should host one of our own. Now, we may end up doing one every year as long as I promise the Easter bunny will hide more eggs. (Noted....thank you Smith.)

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