Saturday, July 25, 2009

Everything but Pie

Smith: "Hey Mom. We get to have lunch at Knotts Berry today."

Mom: "Yep. And you'll get to eat their biscuits with yummy jam and maybe some Boysenberry Cobbler for dessert."

Smith: "What? I don't want to eat Poison-berry anything! Maybe I should eat at home."

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer at the Cabin

There's always fun to be had at the cabin. Smith braved the hill on his dirt bike,

rode horses,
was nice to his sister,
still might have a little crush on Aunt Jenni,

ate tons of S'mores (and C'ello's),
had his cousin Chase up for a sleepover and lots of exploring,
hiked with Geeps,
and his way prego Mom.
(Also played lots of Wii with Aunt Merrill and Uncle DUG).
Hopefully we'll get to go back soon!

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