Wednesday, August 19, 2009

National Geographic

A few weeks ago, Smith got a new toy bow and arrow. For the next few days, he became an Indian. He did not wear a shirt, carried the bow everywhere, wore the quiver over his shoulder, and attached a sheath to his belt with a toy hunting knife. That week, we went to the library and found a few kids books about Indians. When I came home and thumbed through one of them, I saw some depictions of early Native American women that were a bit too realistic for a five-year-old. I showed Whitley the picture and said, "This book might have to go back. It's a bit too National Geographic for Smith."

Flash forward a few weeks later, when Poppie and Geeps were in town and Poppie was helping Smith get ready for bed. She picked up one of his new library Native American books to read to him. When she showed him which book it was, Smith asked, "Poppie, we can't read that book. It's, um....what's another word for naked?" Poppie, a little confused, began to come up with any synonym she could for the word naked: nude, bare, no clothes, nudies-tudies, scantily clad, etc., when Smith yelled, "Oh yeah! Geographic! We can't read that book it is just too geographic!"

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